Volunteering can be very rewarding!

Have a look below at what some of our volunteers have said about working with Home-Start West Dorset - 

“The session about being non judgemental makes you think about how you come over to other people and it made me think about how people behaved to me when I was a young mum”

“It’s a privilege to go into the family’s home, based on friendship as the starting point. Families can be fearful of professional agencies”

“The prep course was run extremely well, the materials were excellent. It prepared me well – all the crucial things like safeguarding and confidentiality all helped to remind me how important those things are”

“They’re excellent matches. Helen puts a lot of thought into that. The value of supervision is that it gives me opportunities to discuss any problems”



“The youngest child loves books and I take bags to play with for make-believe”

“I notice things that mum has done in the house and tell her “fantastic, that’s great”. If she starts to knock herself a bit, I reassure her that it’s how it goes. I say “Do you remember when I first came? Look how far it’s come on”. It’s easy for the family to forget”

“It’s been a challenge at times but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve got a lot out of it personally – learned a lot”

“When I heard all about Home-Start West Dorset, I thought “that’s the thing for me!”


“The prep course was fantastic, it made me question my own thoughts and feelings by sharing with a wide range of other people with different viewpoints and perspectives”

“On the match visit, mum was very open and everything spilled out. I was struck by mum’s openness – she was really brave. The family had complex, multiple needs”

‚Äč“It’s about accepting, being non-judgemental, and embracing all. There’s a lot of trust involved, on both sides – you have to work on and build that trust”

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