Families in West Dorset who have received our help have kindly given us these comments -

"My child would not have got as far with his development as a result of me going into a low, low mood. With (my volunteer) visiting it relieved some of the pressure and helped me to cope”

“HSWD is a great service that helped me cope as a mother increasing my confidence”

Amazing from start to end! A brilliant, over stretched service ran by amazing people with amazing volunteers. I will always be grateful for your support. Thank you."

My volunteer visits gave me a focus to get through each week both mentally and physically knowing that I was having the visit. A chance to chat with an adult and catch up on the running of the house. A help that became a friend." 

"When you are so low, you don’t even know you are broken. I had a serious operation and if I didn’t have my volunteer then it would have been my breaking point”

“It’s not just the volunteer, it’s the organisers as well. I felt so like a failure but they both just kept telling me it’s OK and its going to be OK.


What referrers have told us -

“Volunteers stay with the family – it’s not just a piece of work.  It’s not time-limited”

“The value is that Home-Start is available to families with chaotic houses – it’s practical support, but it’s not about doing it for the family.  It’s a more gentle approach, non-judgemental, accepting”

“Home-Start is getting a really good reputation in the community which is a testament to the good work it is doing”

“The good thing about Home-Start is that it pin points exactly what the families need”

“This is a desperately needed service that is filling a big gap – really really important service for us to have”


What partners have told us -

“They came up trumps, Helen – she took the bit by the teeth and has fantastic experience”“Home-Start is a breath of fresh air, a holistic approach to support”

“They’re brilliant partners – the staff always come along to meetings.  Helen does extra things at meetings like organising a quiz for the children”

“Home-Start works with the family, not doing things to them.  They ask “What help do you need? What can we do?””

“It’s value is as a non-professional service.  It’s independent; it has its own identity, using a unique approach through the use of parent volunteers”

“It’s clear the trustees are very passionate about the service and promote it in a positive way. It’s good they attend – it is very useful their perspective adds to the thinking of the whole group





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